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Contests are hands down one of the fastest ways to grow your list, regardless of industry. No contest software generates more quality leads for you than our Lead Contest Tool.

Always Mobile-Responsive
We live in a mobile first world, so it’s only fitting that all our templates are delightfully mobile responsive.

High Converting Templates
Spend less time worrying about your design and more time getting leads who want to buy from you.

No Coding Required
Scared by code? Fear not, as you don’t need to know any with us! But, if you’re savvy with CSS, we support that too.


Running a lead-generating marketing campaign in conjunction with another business is a great way to increase awareness and spread your business’ reputation.

It’s essential that you coordinate your marketing campaign with a business that has a similar target market. For instance, two SaaS companies working together increases the reputation of both amongst people relevant for both. Equally, a business promoting high-end clothing would find success working with a business promoting high-end vacations, spas, or luxury cars.

Here’s a step by step:

  • Approach a business (or individual) with the same target market as your own with a formal request for coordination.
  • Outline your view for the lead-generation campaign, and work with them to convince them how well the campaign will work.
  • If compensation is discussed, be sure you have a good idea of what the ROI will be for the campaign before you agree.
  • Promote the campaign several weeks in advance, generating buzz and increasing excitement.
  • Ensure your partner is also promoting the campaign amongst their circles – on social, in email, and with their existing clients.
  • Create a contest using our Lead Contest Tool, ensuring you’ve email-gated the prize for entrants.
  • Share the leads generated by the campaign. If your existing clients are included in the list of leads, exclude them for your business (and visa versa).

NOTE: The cost of the software that is indicated here is for 12 month and you will have to renew this every 12 months to keep using this software.

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