Dominate Your Industry

Dominate Your Industry

There are six components to an effective digital marketing strategy that will take your business to the top. We work with our clients to make sure that each one of these areas is addressed in their overall strategy, because for us, it’s not only about getting more leads or boosting sales (though of course, that’s vital, too) – it’s about actually taking our clients to that next level, where they stand alone as the go-to brand in their field.

So if you’re serious about making it to the top, take a look at the following six areas, and how we’ve tackled them for a few of our clients. You might just find some guidance for structuring your own digital marketing strategy, and becoming the next household name in your industry.


1. Brand Presence

The most foundational of all six factors is the online presence your brand creates through its website and other digital marketing collateral. Without a solid site and marketing support system in place, none of the other five areas of digital marketing can achieve the same level of success.

All digital marketing efforts are ultimately aimed at one thing – sending your target audience to your website. If they get there and are less than impressed with the presence you’ve established, or look around but leave without giving you their contact information because they’re not excited by the resources you provide, then all your other efforts have been wasted.

So how can you ensure that any visitors to your site are not only impressed, but are so excited about the wealth of resources you provide that they actively seek out a way to give you their email address so they can stay connected – both potential customers and industry insiders alike?


2. Industry Insiders

Speaking of industry insiders, the second area of digital marketing to focus on in order to become a household name is outreach and influencer marketing. Your target audience consists of people who are interested in your specific field, whether that be fitness, business software, technology, or anything else. So where can your particular audience be found online? They’re most likely already following industry bloggers, social media influencers, and other industry insiders via email, website visits, and social media.

In order for you to make a name for your business as THE company to follow for industry information, you’ve got to start making connections with the insiders who already have respectable followings online. This will help you in two ways:

Developing real relationships with other industry insiders will help those influencers to see you as a peer and colleague making valuable contributions to industry discussions – which will shine through in the way they speak about you to others, and present you with more opportunities to reach out to their audiences.

When your target audience sees your authority and credibility in the industry-validated by their trusted go-to influencers, whether through guest blogs, interviews, social media posts, or simply mentions of your business, they will come to trust you, as well.

How do you harness the power of industry insiders to position yourself as THE first-choice company in your field?


3. Media Go-To

Think about this for a minute: When you’re watching a morning news show, or listening to your favorite podcast, and the moderator is interviewing a special guest, what’s your automatic opinion of that guest?

You immediately assume that person is a leading expert in his or her field, right?

The simple fact that the media has chosen this person over any number of others to speak on their show gives them a huge amount of credibility with their audiences. And in fact, once one media outlet has interviewed someone, it’s often the case that others begin clamoring for interviews as well, because of that aura of credibility – which then increases exponentially.

That’s why making connections with the media is another important part of positioning your business as an industry leader.

Now, while getting an interview on a major network is probably what everyone thinks of first, it’s not necessary to go that big – and in fact, can actually be less effective than going for smaller, but more targeted media outlets. Offering your expertise to niche publications within your industry that speak to your target audience gives you a much higher chance of actually being featured – and demonstrating your industry leadership to the right people.


4. Social Presence

The next step to becoming known as a leader in your industry is to establish a strong presence on social media. As often as not today, people use social media as a way to look up companies and find out what they’re all about, as well as check on reviews and comments others may have left about them. If your target audience searches for you on Facebook and finds a neglected page with hardly any posts – or even a page with plenty of posts, but little to no audience engagement – they’ll see a disconnect between that reality and the industry leadership you’re working so hard to demonstrate.

Maintaining a vibrant, robust presence on all the social channels that your audience frequents is vital to industry leadership – and in order to get that kind of presence, you have to get your audience commenting on, liking, and sharing your posts. You need to develop an actual community of fans and followers on each social media platform – one that will not only showcase your leadership to newcomers, but also encourage current customers and audience members to become brand advocates, which also adds to your credibility.


5. Search Domination

What happens when you google “baby food?” Gerber pops up. Search for “copy paper,” and Staples and Office Depot pop up. Industry leaders dominate search engines via intense SEO work and strategic PPC ads, as well.

Consumers generally trust Google results to give them the most popular, leading companies from which to buy the product they’re searching for. So by dominating search results both in ads and organic results, you can boost your company’s credibility with your ideal audience – those searching for whatever it is you sell.


6. Content Creation and Curation

The final piece of the industry leadership puzzle is creating and curating valuable, relevant, helpful content for your target audience. By creating original content, you’ll be showcasing the fact that you are an expert with your own take on industry issues, as well as the fact that you want to share your expertise with others in order to help. By curating the content of others, you’ll be demonstrating the fact that you stay up to date with wider industry conversations, and that you want to share what you’ve learned with your audience to keep them informed.



With each of these 6 vital parts of a digital marketing strategy in place – Brand Presence, Industry Insiders, Media Go-To, Social Presence, Search Dominance, and Content Creation and Curation – you’ll be well on your way to becoming a leader in your industry. As our clients can tell you, it works – all you have to do is apply the proven tactics and techniques we’ve shared in this post.

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